Chronic Pain

Insight and awareness are important parts of the Malibu Recovery Center’s programs. This also applies to chronic pain problems

If you suffer from chronic pain such as back pain, neck pain, TMJ, RSI, or other painful disorders, quite often a holistic program that emphasizes psychological insight is extremely effective. Redefining and understanding your pain as part of the entirety of your suffering can transform the pain into something you can control and ultimately solve.

Gaining control of the chronic pain can help you regain control of your life and transform your personal growth in remarkable directions.

Malibu Recovery Center is committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages compassion and recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. Assuring a safe and pleasant facility, we offer programs blending client education and accomplished research.

Malibu Recovery Center’s programs encompass the medical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of our clients so that they may address their chronic pain. Relieving chronic pain is a process. Receptors in the skin and other tissues send impulses through the nerves to the spinal cord. The impulses then travel to the brain. It is the brain, not at the point of injury, where the sensation of the chronic pain is registered. chronic pain can sometimes be difficult to control or manage and can get in the way of relationships and daily activities. Medications help people control chronic pain but for many people, addiction takes over and medications are no longer effective.

Malibu Recovery Center offers assistance to clients in sorting through the issues that chronic pain can create.

chronic pain is universal. Malibu Recovery Center introduces compassionate care in a healing environment. Services include:

• Detox and / or medication management
• Residential Treatment
• Day Treatment
• Parent and Teen Outpatient Services
• Adult Outpatient Services
• Alumni / Aftercare