Drug Rehab Ventura County

Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab is one of the most sought after rehabs in Ventura County California because of its exceptional treatment approach and modern facilities. It provides holistic treatment modalities that help you combat alcoholism and drug addiction and maintain a sober life. Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Ventura County also helps recovering addicts and alcoholics maintain sober lives right after rehabilitation through cultivation of personal growth.

Personal growth and recovery

Drug treatment and rehabilitation is a never-ending process of learning. it does not stop at the detoxification facility nor at the sober living space. Every day, you will be faced with emotional triggers that will require you to make decisions with regards to your way of life. These demands may trigger your addiction tendencies. Without adequate preparation on how to handle your emotions and weakness during stressful times, you may eventually surrender to your addiction tendencies.

At Malibu Recovery Center, we unearth the causes of your addiction and allow you to resolve these conflicts through our unique treatment approach. Our method also aims to help you maintain emotional balance and to achieve a thorough a comprehensive understanding of yourself as well as your weaknesses. Once you recognize your weak areas we can work with you on how to deal with them. before you leave our facility, we will help you get ready for the sober life outside MRC. You shall be equipped with life skills that will also assist you take on new roles and challenges that will help you grow as a person. Eventually, you will not be afraid of learning new things and trying out new ways to further your personal goals.

How Malibu Recovery Center helps you prepare for life after rehab

Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Ventura County performs the following strategies to prepare you for the life after rehab:

1. Treat causes that lie beneath your addictive behavior. Experienced staff of Malibu Recovery Center rehab in Ventura county California shall work together to discover the underlying factors that cause your dependency on drugs and alcohol. Once these factors are exposed, we shall cooperate with each other to implement appropriate and individualized care plan to treat these causes. WE at Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Ventura County believe that in order to achieve total recovery, the root causes of addiction should be treated. Otherwise, the risk of relapse is very high.

2. Provide various types of holistic treatment. We have different activities that will be rewarding to your body, mind and spirit. Examples of these activities are neuro-feedback, sweat lodge, and surfing. We also have ropes course and other equally exciting and sociable activities.

3. Unique living atmosphere. Aside from the nature-inspired facility situated near the astonishing Malibu coast, Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Ventura County is also supervised by professional team that oversees your nutrition, physical fitness, and total recovery from addiction
We at Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Ventura County would like to hear from you and we are excited to help you get started on your road to recovery.