Los Angeles Detox

If you are concerned on the duration of Los Angeles detox, its objectives, benefits and the reasons why home detox kits are not advisable, this article is for you.

Objectives of Los Angeles detox

According to NIDA, drug detoxification will last until the patient is physically and mentally stabilized. Stabilization often refers to the following objectives of drug detox:

  • Safely stop substance abuse. An effective Los Angeles detox program shall eliminate the addictive chemicals from an addict’s body. While detox purges harmful toxins, the body also gradually adapts to the absence of drugs. At the same time, the body processes progressively returns to normal.
  • Support the addict during the withdrawal stage: Oftentimes, withdrawal symptoms are painful and stressful for an addict. An effective drug detox plan eliminates the pain and reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms. With the gradual reduction of the chemicals in the person’s blood stream and different parts of the body, the symptoms also decrease.
  • Prepare the patient mentally for the treatment stages: According to NIDAMED, effective addiction treatment involves personal therapy that deals with the personal issues of an addict and medical treatment that includes psychological therapy. Oftentimes, the psychological aspect of addiction is stressful for patients. It is because they have to face their inner struggles and uncover feelings of guilt, pain, remorse, fear and other negative emotions. As the drugs gradually decrease in the body, the mental state of a person also returns to normal. Symptoms of emotional withdrawal and feelings like anxiety and depression also fades. Without these negative emotions, the patient will be prepared for psychological healing.
  • Brace the patient physically for rehab programs: Effective drug rehabilitation includes physical therapy that requires the recovering addict to attend physical training that demand strength and stamina. Since detox facilitates physical healing and restoration of normal body functions, the recovering addict can attend these physical trainings after a successful detox program.

Detox benefits

The following are the results of a good detox program:

  • Drugs and Toxins are flushed out of your body. As a result, your organs, bloodstream and other body systems are cleaned.
  • Your body can already absorb the essential nutrients from your food intake. Toxins block absorption of vital nutrients that often results to malnutrition. Some patients also lose appetite because of withdrawal pains and preoccupation of substance use.

Downsides of drug detox kits

Some people resort to drug detox kits instead of medically assisted detox. However home detox is not advised by medical professionals because of the following reasons:

Safety issues: The body adjusts to the presence of addictive chemicals in your body. Therefore, it is important to consult a medical professional who will prescribe a specific type of detox suited for your condition. It is also vital to go through a detox procedure conducted by highly- trained individuals to ensure your safety.

Ineffective: You need a specific type of detox plan for a particular kind of drug abused. Additionally, detox is only a primary step in recovery.