Van Nuys Drug Rehab

When it comes to proper setting, successful treatment programs and superb facilities, Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Van Nuys stands out among the rest of rehabs in the area. From the treatment philosophy to continuing care services, Malibu Recovery Center Van Nuys rehab maintains its own standards of excellence.
Keys in searching for a drug rehab in Van Nuys

If you are willing to undergo rehabilitation but you are not sure which rehab to pick, you must keep in mind all the things that may affect your stay in a rehab in Van Nuys. Examples of these things are:

Cost of rehab: How much money do you need to enter a rehab program? There are luxury rehabs for those who can afford it and ordinary rehabs for the middle class. There are also affordable living facilities that will charge you a minimum fee for their services, provided you abide by their house rules or sponsorship programs. At Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Van Nuys, we charge reasonable fees for our services and facilities. At the same time, we are very honest in helping you determine your out-of-pocket expenses during your stay.

Services covered by your health insurance: At Malibu Recovery Center Van Nuys rehab, we also help you verify your current insurance and check if it shall cover the services and facilities we offer.

Drug rehab addiction philosophy: It will give you an idea of what to expect during and after your treatment. If the rehab’s philosophy is only focused on your detoxification or on the addiction itself, you are bound for a traditional way of treatment. But, if you want a program that shall cover even the innermost issues in your life that you have been battling with for a while, search for a rehab that implements holistic treatment method.
Surprising benefits of holistic treatment

Physical healing: Malibu Recovery Center Van Nuys drug rehab starts your treatment through our modern detoxification program that uses state of the art technology maintained by certified and renowned professionals who ensure the safety and efficacy of the procedure. We also work with our nutritionist, physical fitness gurus and alternative therapists to make sure that your body is well-nourished and in shape.

Psychological healing: Oftentimes, the drug addicts and alcoholics suffer from poor psychological state due to their dependence on substances, its side effects and withdrawal symptoms. They also experience stress, anger, anxiety, resentment and other emotional sufferings.

Some rehabs only focus on the treatment of addiction, but they fail to address the most crucial part after treatment, which is the possibility of a relapse. At Malibu Recovery Center Van Nuys drug rehab, our renowned counselors and therapists shall help you understand addiction, its causes and manifestations until you fully recognize your condition. They shall also help you recover from the negative impact of chemical abuse and dependence in your life.

Spiritual healing: Malibu Recovery Center Van Nuys drug rehab is not a religious organization. But we encourage you to use the strong structure of your faith to aid your recovery.