Welcome To Malibu Recovery Center

Malibu Recovery Center provides innovative, quality, cost-effective treatment for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We assist our clients to build a strong foundation in recovery.

Our treatment plans emphasize commitment, goals of treatment, relapse prevention, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to the philosophy that we exist for the client’s well being and will tailor each client’s experience to their specific needs and circumstances. In a serene environment, we offer hope and healing through our lifelong commitment of support.

SOBA Location Shots July 2007-7Malibu Recovery Center provides a specialized and person-specific approach to treat addiction. We work with individuals in all different stages of their recovery. Malibu Recovery Center provides support through detox, residential treatment, and through structured sober living, sober living and outpatient. Malibu Recovery Center is able to enroll clients whether they are coming from a treatment center and would like to participate in sober living, or they are clean and would like to kick off with structured sober living to learn practical tools to have a successful sober lifestyle. If they are living at a different sober living but would like to participate in outpatient or day treatment programs in order to keep active in their recovery, we are able to provide outpatient and day treatment services as they come and go from their selected sober living facilities.

If you are working with a client that you believe could benefit from any of the services Malibu Recovery Center provides, we would like to work with you to provide the best possible care for your client as a team.

We highly recommend that people follow their treatment advice if they choose to come to our sober living community following a 30 to 90 treatment program elsewhere. The staff at Malibu Recovery Center is committed to assisting this process to work with other professionals in order to create a smooth transition for the people involved.

If you believe you, a friend, family member or client could benefit from one or more of the programs offered by Malibu Recovery Center please don’t hesitate to call us any time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A supportive and trained professional is looking forward to speaking with you. Call now 866.547.6451

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