Drug Rehab Oxnard

If you have been addicted for a number of years or you are suffering from a co-occurring disorder, Malibu Recovery Center Drug Rehab Oxnard is the finest drug rehab that can meet your treatment needs. Malibu Recovery Center Oxnard California is a top quality rehab center that implements the principles of effective drug rehab program and provides effective guidance on the path to recovery both for recent addicts and long-time addicts.

Principles of successful drug rehab program
The following are the essential principles of an effective treatment program for drug addicts:
Detoxification: Unless you pass the withdrawal stage successfully, you will not be prepared to start with the treatment procedures. Your body must be cleansed from the harmful chemicals that you have been loading it for a while. Malibu Recovery Center Malibu Oxnard California believes that supervised detox is imperative to take care of withdrawal pain. We have state of the art detox facility to deal with your withdrawal and to prepare you for our holistic treatment.

Assessment: You have to undergo a thorough assessment and evaluation before you will be given an individualized treatment plan. We at Malibu Recovery Center Oxnard California conduct an initial assessment to establish the type of treatment approach suitable for you. We shall also endeavor to know the underlying factors of your condition, as well as the presence of any co-occurring disorder that may trigger your addiction.

Malibu Recovery Center drug rehab Oxnard also recognizes the uniqueness of a person and his or her circumstances. Because of this belief, we do not replicate a treatment plan. After your assessment, we shall plan out an effective drug treatment plan that will consider every aspect of your addiction, your personality, surrounding circumstances, physical health and so forth.

Stabilization: The goal of drug addiction treatment should be to equip you to stand on your own once you go back to your normal world after rehab. You have to be stable in all aspects of your life. Your emotional stability can be attained through a careful evaluation of yourself. What are the things that stress you out? What factors affect your emotional strength? These are examples of questions that you will have to answer during your self-evaluation.

At Malibu Recovery Center Oxnard California, we have topnotch counselors and therapists that will help you re-discover yourself, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. You will be guided on how to determine risk factors and you shall be taught on how to avoid them. You will also learn skills that will serve as your tools in maintaining an addiction-free life.

Reintegration: There are several things involved in reintegration:
1. Maintain your recovery and avoid relapse on your own outside the structured drug rehab
2. Face your past without fear
3. Understand the characteristics of your addiction
4. Develop self-confidence
5. Gain strength to protect yourself against temptations of drug use
6. Accumulate life skills that will help you start a new lifestyle when you go back home