If you have recently received a DUI charge and are looking for a sober living, please call us today. Our sober living facility can be a helpful tool in preventing you from receiving another DUI and in possibly avoiding harsher penalties.

We have observed that DUI outcomes are usually most successful when the client has some type of familiarity with drug or alcohol treatment, or when sober living services are used as a continuation of care. At Soba, we offer a variety of services that take into consideration all walks of life. If you or someone you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol and is in need of a sober living, residential treatment, day treatment, or an outpatient treatment facility that includes court, DUI, and assistance with other drug and alcohol related charges, please call us today for a free consultation and for additional information.

We are also¬†grateful¬†to work with court advocates and lawyers who work to help people with their court issues. If you are a court advocate or lawyer specializing in this, please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way.

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