Detoxification is appropriate for individuals currently abusing alcohol or drugs that require medical monitoring throughout withdrawal.  We create individual detoxification protocols for each client based on a detailed medical assessment by the Treatment Team, including independent physicians specializing in addiction.  Detoxification typically occurs over a three to seven day period, however the period varies by individual depending on the quantity and length of use.  Treatment includes daily medical examination, psychiatric and psychosocial assessments, medication management, and participation in psycho-educational groups on the physiology of withdrawal, relapse, recovery and the Twelve Step process.  Soba Living’s detox facility is licensed by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.



Once detoxification is complete, residential treatment programs are available for individuals that would like 24-hour care at our facility.  The program includes a treatment plan with individual and group therapy, psycho-educational groups on relapse, recovery and Choice Theory, and chemical dependency counseling. Experiential therapy through outings outside of the facility, accompanied by an experienced member of our Staff.  Individuals in the residential program also receive medication management and a supportive sober environment in which to reside.  Residential treatment is particularly effective in early recovery to those with co-occurring disorders.  With the assistance of the treatment team, individuals can simultaneously address the primary disease of addiction while receiving treatment for co-occurring disorders, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and bipolar disorder.



The road to recovery is taken one step at a time. Some clients begin their rehabilitation as a client in our residential treatment program and continue in our outpatient program after discharge. Others may be able to use our outpatient services for their entire course of therapy. In either case, our outpatient program provides a full range of comprehensive services that help clients return to their lives with independence and confidence.
Successful candidates most frequently include people who are employed, live with a family, and demonstrate a history of medical stability. Another very important element is the ability to abstain from alcohol and drugs for at least two consecutive weeks prior to admission into the Malibu Recovery Center Outpatient Program.

Individuals who have not been able to achieve this consecutive abstinence are usually more appropriate for our residential services or our sober living community, where structure and stability make early recovery more obtainable.

Family members also play an important role in our Outpatient Program. Families attend a separate counseling group where they learn what addiction is and how they can support their family member’s recovery. All clients and family members are linked with the Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and/or Al-Anon communities. Most family counseling services are included in the basic cost of the Outpatient Program.

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