The Malibu Recovery Center community is suitable for anyone desiring a change in lifestyle. Consequences of chemical use among family members can be devastating for the entire family. We understand the responsibility for working with the family as a whole. We provide a safe transitional living while preserving anonymity, respect and dignity throughout your residential status.

Families may become a part of the Malibu Recovery Center Community in a number of ways. First, there may be more than one member of the family that would like to detox from drugs and alcohol . Additionally, parents or guardians of children may need to keep their children with them while they are a part of the Malibu Recovery Center Community: we have a place for them. We also have apartments for families so they can remain together while living in a safe, sober environment. No matter what the family configuration may be, Malibu Recovery Center is here to help not only the person with addiction, but the family members as well.

This specialized and person-specific approach is open-ended and has proven to be a powerful tool in deterring chemical dependency, substance abuse, and relapse. It is critical to the recovery process that the individual gains a complete understanding of the concept that recovering drug addicts and alcoholics may have underlying issues and problems that are a major contribution to why they drink and/or abuse drugs. It is also important that the family members are a part of this recovery process as well.

A testimony from a family who continues to be a part of the community can be read below:

Wow, a year has passed since walking through the doors of Malibu Recovery Center, and what can we say? All the rehabs told us the chances of a married couple who are both alcoholics/addicts making it to a year were slim to none. Was it easy? No. In fact, this is where sober living becomes an essential tool in the recovery process. A support system is needed for helping to clear the wreckage that so many of us create on a relapse. We did our research on sober living facilities and houses while in rehab, and to anybody reading this, we suggest doing the same. Not only did Malibu Recovery Center offer more for the buck (i.e., job placement, cooking classes, court liaisons, etc.) but their success rate of alumni with long term sobriety was better than all the others. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to both Greg and John. Without the love and support that we received, our children, and even our pets received as well, we continue to be amazed. We stayed the time that Soba recommended us, which for us was one year. Now that we are doing well in our own place, we stay very connected to Malibu Recovery Center. We are looking forward to getting to know all the new residents and will be there to support them as we were supported. And again, our thanks go out to all the wonderful and caring staff of Malibu Recovery Center. 

Thank you, 

Lars and Barbara aka Bobbie