Working Professionals

The Malibu Recovery Center community is suitable for anyone desiring a change in lifestyle. Consequences of drug and prescription drug use among professionals can be devastating. We understand the responsibility for working professionals to continue to function to full work capacity. We encourage a safe transitional living while preserving anonymity, respect and dignity throughout our program.

Professionals enter Malibu Recovery Center in a number of ways. First, they may self-refer. This is often the result of encouragement by concerned colleagues or family members. Second, a Bar Association or Medical Board may refer them in lieu of pursuing disciplinary action. Executives may also be directed to participate by a Board or Panel as part of a disciplinary order. Professionals may enter Malibu Recovery Center Detox and choose to become a part of one of the Malibu Recovery Center communities so they can continue working from a safe, sober environment.

Therapy and counseling for the professional are facilitated and address living with drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, sexual issues, and compulsive behavior. Private rooms, apartments, and/or workspace are available as well as transportation to and from the work environment.

This specialized and person-specific approach is open-ended and has proven to be a powerful tool in deterring chemical addiction, substance abuse, and relapse. It is critical to the recovery process that the individual gains a complete understanding of the concept that recovering drug addicts and alcoholics have underlying issues and problems that are a major contribution to why they drink and/or abuse drugs.

Malibu Recovery Center works closely with referring attorneys, referring treatment centers, outside clinical professionals, employee assistance programs, and the courts.