Information on alcohol recovery.


What to Expect Malibu Recovery Center is committed to ensuring each individual’s unique needs are met. Following a safe, medically managed detoxification (if necessary), a typical week at Malibu Recovery Center residential treatment or day treatment can include substance abuse education, process groups, relapse prevention, therapy groups, one-on-one counseling, outside 12 Step Meetings, Choice Theory…
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Welcome To Malibu Recovery Center

Malibu Recovery Center provides innovative, quality, cost-effective treatment for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.  We assist our clients to build a strong foundation in recovery. Our treatment plans emphasize commitment, goals of treatment, relapse prevention, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  We are committed to the philosophy that we exist for the client’s…
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Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal

Alcohol is by far the most commonly abused drug in the United States. Government estimates say that more than 17 million Americans have a substance abuse issue with alcohol. A good percentage of these are heavy, daily drinkers. Consuming large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis can make the body dependent. In the most…
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