Information on anxiety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Studies of CBT have demonstrated its usefulness for a wide variety of problems, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, and psychotic disorders. While a full description of the treatment and presenting problems for which it is useful is beyond the scope of this brief overview, a brief summary of…
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Anxiety Disorder

Psychotherapists and psychiatrists have come to understand the crippling effects caused by anxiety disorder. It is a disorder that affects body, mind, emotions, and spirit. A person may appear competent and capable, all the while hiding his / her own inner hell through excessive activity, achievements, or endless chatter. Other times, it is more visible…
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Residential Treatment

Residential┬átreatment is available for individuals that would like 24-hour care at our facility as well as detox. Our residential program includes a treatment plan, individual therapy, group therapy, chemical dependency counseling, psycho-educational groups, and Choice Theory education. We also offer experiential therapy through outings outside of the facility, accompanied by an experienced member of our…
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