Information on court advocacy.


Malibu Recovery Center is proud to be affiliated with Interventionists. Interventions are important to the family as well as the person living in drug addiction. Perhaps you are an interventionist, therapist, or recovery professional and work with people you think could benefit from one of our programs. Malibu Recovery Center provides a specialized and person-specific…
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Welcome To Malibu Recovery Center

Malibu Recovery Center provides innovative, quality, cost-effective treatment for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.  We assist our clients to build a strong foundation in recovery. Our treatment plans emphasize commitment, goals of treatment, relapse prevention, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  We are committed to the philosophy that we exist for the client’s…
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SOBA DETOX Detoxification is appropriate for individuals currently abusing alcohol or drugs that require medical monitoring throughout withdrawal.  We create individual detoxification protocols for each client based on a detailed medical assessment by the Treatment Team, including independent physicians specializing in addiction.  Detoxification typically occurs over a three to seven day period, however the period…
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