Information on perscription pills detox.

Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is the main ingredient in many prescribed pain-relieving drugs like percocet, tylox, and oxycontin. One in twenty of all high school seniors have tried oxycodone, and its use keeps increasing. Doctors write out more than six million prescriptions for it every year. Oxycodone abuse begins when a person starts to use the drug in…
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Prescription Medication Addiction

It has become all too common to view press conferences announcing that football, baseball, and other legendary sports icons are entering a drug rehab to help overcome an addiction to painkillers. Like thousands of other individuals — lives and careers are destroyed by chronic pain. Having endured numerous surgeries as a result of sports injuries,…
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Prescription Drug Detox and Withdrawal

Drug dependency and drug rehab do not equate to a “weakness” that is difficult for the active, high achieving person to overcome. Some of those who abuse prescription painkillers are able to overcome their addictions through counseling, participation in 12-step support groups, outpatient programs or day treatment – but more severe cases may merit a…
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